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Daejeon International Wine EXPO 2024
Oct. 27th(Sun)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)
Daejeon Convention Center Ⅰ-Ⅱ
Outdoor Wine Culture Festival
Nov. 1st(Fri)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)
Wine Trade Show
Nov. 1(Fri)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)

Asia Wine Trophy

Thanks to your support, we are celebrating our 11th Asia Wine Trophy. The upcoming Asia Wine Trophy 2023 is the largest wine competition in Asia. Daejeon Tourism Organization and Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH will collaboratively host and organize the event under the patronage of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine). More than 4,000 wines worldwide will enter the Asia Wine Trophy 2023. Wine experts across the globe will be attending as judges.

Asia Wine Trophy

    Sep 3 – Sep 6, 2023
    Wine Entries
    Approx. 3,333
    Approx. 110
    Grand Gold, Gold, Silver
    Award-winning wines
    Asia Wine Trophy 2023 will be presented at Daejeon International Wine Expo/promoted through various media.
  1. Launched in the Weinmesse (Wine Fair) Berlin in 1994
  2. Patronized by the OIV, Senate of Berlin, Federal Government of Germany and EU in 2007
  3. The world’s biggest wine competition under the patronage of the OIV
  1. The OIV is an intergovernmental organization of a scientific and technical nature of recognized competence for its work concerning vines, wine
  2. Based on beverages, table grapes, raisins and other vine
  3. Based on products (established in 2001, former organization established in 1927).

How to Enter

Information of Wine Trophy 2023

The Asia Wine Trophy launched in 2013 instantly became the most extensive wine competition in Asia. Daejeon Tourism Organization and Deutsche Wein Marketing GmbH (DWM, Organizer of the Berlin Wine Trophy) will collaboratively host and organize the 10th edition of the event under the patronage of the OIV(Internationale Organisation de la Vigne et du Vin).

According to the OIV Standard (OIV-Concours 332A-2009), the sum of all the medals awarded to the sample wines must not exceed 30% of the total samples presented at the competition. The sample wines that have obtained a certain amount of points for a tasting shall be classified by the following measures: Grand gold – 92 points, Gold – 85 points, Silver – 82 points. The award-winning wines of the Asia Wine Trophy 2023 will be presented at the Daejeon International Wine Expo and reported by various wine media in and out of Korea.

Winning up to 30% of the total

  • Grand Gold
    92 points
  • Gold
    85 points
  • Silver
    82 points

Application Info

Fill out an application form
Send to
Daejeon Tourism Organization (mail, fax, email)
+ 82-42-250-1340
E-mail /
Deadline for Application
August 11, 2023

Please submit the wine tasting note and introduction of winery if available

  • Registration is completed upon submission of the application and the paying entry fees.
  • Only wines and spirituous beverages of vinicultural origin is allowed, by OIV rules.
Entry Fee
  • €135.00 (per each wine)
Importer(Including producers with vineyard under 5 hectares)
Entry FeeFree Entry
1~3 Wines -
4~8 Wines 1 free additional wine
9~13 Wines 2 free additional wines
More than 14 Wines 20% off of every wine
Deposit Method
  • After submitting the application form, invoice is sent and payment is made within 2 weeks
  • The entry fee is based on one type of wine, and the domestic amount includes VAT.
Beneficiary Name
Daejeon Tourism Organization
Bank Name
KEB Hana bank
Account No.
Swift code
Entry Fee
€135.00 (per each wines)

cancellation after application period is not refundable

  • Additional KRW 100,000 per bottle for joint entries at the Berlin Wine Trophy
  • 50,000 won per booth (up to 5 booths) for wine expo exhibitors, 100,000 won per booth when exhibited together at the Berlin Wine Trophy
Area of Vineyard
Additional entry for free of charge(per each variety) 1
5~10 1
More than 10 2
Wine Delivery
DepartureArrival deadlineAddress
Korea August 25, 2023 87 Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon,34126 Republic of Korea (Daejeon Conventio Center 2, Exhibition Marketing Team)
Europe May 31, 2023 DWIM Am Borsigturm 1 13507 Berlin, Germany
Asia and other Continents Aug 18, 2023 Incheon International Airport or Busan Port, Korea
  • Please refer to the shipping instruction for specific information regarding Wine Delivery.
  • Custom and domestic transportation are covered by the host.

Announcement of Award-Winning Wines

    Result available on website
    Sep. 13(Wed)
    Individual notice for award-winning participants
    Sep. 20(Wed)

Medals are available for purchase from the organizer.

Facts & Figures of Daejeon Wine Trophy 2022
  1. Entry wines: 3,692 labels from 34 countries, Awarded wines: 1,292 labels
  2. 99 Jury members from 12 countries
  3. Top performance among Asia under the approval and supervision of OIV(International Organization of Vine and Wine)
  4. Asia Wine Trophy 2022 thoroughly complies with the rule of OIV

Award-winning Wines