Daejeon International Wine EXPO 2024
Oct. 27th(Sun)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)
Daejeon Convention Center Ⅰ-Ⅱ
Outdoor Wine Culture Festival
Nov. 1st(Fri)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)
Wine Trade Show
Nov. 1(Fri)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)

Citizen Sommelier Competition

The Citizen Sommelier Competition,

an event filled with diverse wine-related content and cultural activities, is not only a source of enjoyment but also a valuable platform for enhancing one's expertise in wine.

Qualification for application
All citizens of Daejeon
Application date
2023.08.01 (Tue) - 17 (Thu) 15:00 deadline
Participation fee
doesn't exist
How to apply
    Fill out the application
    and submit
    Download Written
    Exam Questions
    Take the test
Event Schedule
Event Schedule
Details Daejeon Citizen Sommelier Competition
Application Process August 1 (Tue), 2023 - August 17 (Thu), 2023. Ends at 3 p.m.
Written Examination

Date: September 9 (Sat), 11:00 AM

Venue: Daejeon Convention Center, Room 201

- Bring identification and proof of participation eligibility

- Written Exam (60 minutes)

: Topics include World Wines, Brewing Science, Varieties & Cultivation of Grapes, Wine Marketing, Wine Service, etc.

*Reference: 'Wine Communication'

Announcement of Examination Results & Selection of Candidates for Practical Test Selection of 20 candidates (In case of ties, priority is given to the longest-standing members)
Practical Test

Date: September 10 (Sun), 3:00 PM

Venue: Daejeon Convention Center, Grand Ballroom

- Bring identification. The dress code is casual.

- Wine Opening & Service (1 minute 30 seconds)

: Concurrently conducted to select 10 candidates.

- Blind Tasting (3 types of wine, 2 minutes per type)

- Pop Quiz (10 photos, 8 seconds each)

Awards Ceremony

Selection of Top 3 and Top 4 to Top 10

(In case of ties, priority is given to those with better preliminary results)

Assessment And Results
Evaluation Items
Awards and prizes
1st place
Daejeon Tourism Organization President’s Award (Gold Award) / Prize money 1 million won

2nd place
Korea International Sommelier Association President Award (Silver Award) / Prize money 500,000 won

3rd place
Korea International Sommelier Association President Award (Bronze Prize) / Prize money 300,000 won

4th to 10th place
1 bottle of fine wine each (costume king, hair king, quiz king, wine opener king, etc.)

11th to 20th place
1 bottle of wine each