Daejeon International Wine EXPO 2024
Oct. 27th(Sun)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)
Daejeon Convention Center Ⅰ-Ⅱ
Outdoor Wine Culture Festival
Nov. 1st(Fri)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)
Wine Trade Show
Nov. 1(Fri)- Nov. 3rd(Sun)

Terms of use

Article 1 (Purpose, etc.)

① This User Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as " this Agreement ") is the user's website (hereinafter referred to as the " site site ") of the Daejeon International Visitor Board (hereinafter referred to as " the site ").The purpose of the Regulations is to define the responsibilities and responsibilities of the users and providers in the use of the service (hereinafter referred to as the " service ") provided by the service.
② If a user wishes to be a user, he/she shall comply with the provisions set forth by the " Next " and comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Concerning the rights, duties and responsibilities of other users and their party sites other than those set forth herein, the related statutes of the Telecommunication Service Act shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 2 (user-defined)

① Access to the website refers to the employee receiving the service provided at the party site pursuant to this Agreement.

Article 3 (Delivery and modification of services)

① The party site provides users with the following services :
1. Preliminary registration of event participation
2. Any services to be provided to prospective pregisers at other party sites
3. Notification service announcements and newsletters
② The party site may notify the user of the contents and delivery dates of the services to be changed by means of the method specified in paragraph 2. of Paragraph 2. and provide the services as provided in paragraph 1.

Section 4 (interruption of service)

The party site may temporarily suspend service provision for the provision of services, such as repair, replacement and failure of communication facilities, and the reasons for the suspension of communication, and the reasons for the replacement of new services to the new service.
② In the case of a service interruption caused by paragraph ①, the party site notifies the user by means of the method laid down in paragraph 2.
However, it is not possible to notify if the service is unavailable due to the reasons for preventing the service from being blocked due to reasons attributable to the system, such as the purpose of the system administrator (system administrator's purpose, negligence of the system, system down).

Section 5 (cancellation of user registration and loss of qualification information)

① Users can request to cancel their registration information at the party site at any time, and the party site receives a procedure to delete the registration information immediately upon request.
② If the user corresponds to the cause of each of the following reasons, the party site may restrict and suspend the user's qualifications in a proper manner.
1. When registration is registered when subscribed sign - up.
2. Threatening the electronic transaction order that disrupts the use of other people or stealing information
3. Using the party site to prohibit statutes and this Agreement or act contrary to the Act on the contrary.
③ The party site cancels the registration information if it decides to lose the user's qualifications. In this case, the user notifies the user of the deletion of the registration information and gives the opportunity to call.

Article 6 (Notice of Users)

① If a site is notified to a particular user, it can be registered as a registered mail address registered at the party site.
② If a notice is posted on a website, it can be substituted for individual notification by posting it to a site bulletin board for more than one week.

Section 7 (User's personal information protection)

① The party site shall strive to protect the user's personal information, including the user registration information, as provided by the relevant statutes. Concerning the privacy protections of the users concerned, the related statutes and the Privacy Policy shall be determined by the relevant laws and regulations provided by the relevant statutes.

Article 8 (Responsibilities of the party site)

① The Parties hereto shall strive to provide a consistent and stable service in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the contrary or contrary to the provisions of this Agreement.
② Site sites establish security systems for protecting users ' personal information (including credit information) so that users can access the Internet safely.
③ The party site does not send advertising electronic mail which you do not wish to use.
The party site is responsible for liability for damages caused by the use of the party site or the grave negligence of the party site.

Article 9 (User's duty)

① The user shall not perform any of the following acts :
1. Registration of false contents when applying or changing
2. Changing information posted on a party site
3. An act to violate or obstruct the rights of third parties or intellectual property rights
4. Differing other members ' information
5. E-mail emails, spam mails, lucky letters, e-mails, unsolicited messages, or other forms of communication, or posting or posting information that is posted or posted in other publications.
6. Sending or posting information (e.g., computer programs) prohibited or published by relevant statutes
7. Dismantling postings by impersonating or pretending to impersonate or impersonate a person or party manager of a party site or by impersonating another person
8. Posting or e-mail data containing software viruses, files and programs that are designed to interfere with computer software, hardware, and telecommunication equipment, and other computer codes, files, and programs
9. stalking other users, such as stalking
10. Collecting, storing and disclosing personal information about other users without their consent
11. Using commercial activities such as advertising or sending spam mails or sending spam mails to users using the services of the party
12. Violation of regulations regarding the provision of the Terms and Conditions other than those provided by the party site
② If there is a person in charge of the act, the party site may be entitled to terminate and suspend the user's membership in accordance with the provisions set forth in paragraph 5. of this Agreement, Clause 2 and Clause 3.
③ The user is responsible for damages incurred by the party site or other users due to reasons attributable to the user.

Article 10 (deletion of public notice)

① If the contents of the user's disclosure notice correspond to the following clauses, the user can delete the postings without prior notice to the users and limit, suspend, or revoke the user's membership.
1. Contents of defamation of reputation by slander or defamation of another user
2. Dissemination of information, sentence, graphics, etc.
3. Contents deemed relevant to criminal offence
4. Contents of infringement of other rights such as other users or third parties
5. Contents deemed contrary to other related statutes

Article 11 (Compensated and restricted use of copyright)

① Other copyrighted rights of copyrighted material produced by the site belong to the party site.
② The user shall not use the information obtained by utilizing the party site without prior consent from the Parties to the Third Party or the Third Parties to the Third Party's Website.

Article 12 (Revision of the User Agreement)

The Parties may revise these terms and conditions in the scope of regulations such as law enforcement, law enforcement law, electronic signature law, etc., etc.
② If the amendment is amended, the company notifies the date of the application and the reason for amendment of the amendment, and notifies the application of the application date before the application date 7 days prior to the date of application of the application.
③ If the amendment is amended by amendment, the amendment shall apply to the users who have signed up as amended prior to amendment to the amendment.
④ Users who have changed the amended terms may withdraw according to Article 5 of the article.

Article 13 (Dispute resolution)

① Due to disputes concerning the use of services between party sites and users, a court is responsible for presiding over the jurisdiction of the party site.
※ The above items are the terms and conditions of the website that have been agreed upon when registering the information.

Personal Information Collection and Information Guide

The homepage of the Taejon International Wine Fair (hereinafter referred to as the " Site site ") is placing importance on the members ’ personal information and complies with the Act on Promotion of Information Services and Information Protection.
Through the Privacy Policy, the party provides information regarding the use and protection of personally identifiable information and informs you of what actions are being taken to protect your privacy.
If the privacy statement of the party site is revised, we will individually guide you through the bulletin via the bulletin board via the bulletin board bulletin board.

Collection and utilization of personal information

The party site collects and utilizes the personal information provided by the user for the purposes of the service application.
① Member management
- Interested in member management of Daejeon International Wine Fair and included in member management
- Handling complaints and forwarding complaints including complaints
② Service Delivery
- Prior registration for admission tickets
- Buyer's request for participation in participating parties
③ Use of marketing and advertising
- Send reminder mail and related promotional materials during the upcoming Daejeon International Wine Fair Event
- statistics on how to assess access frequency or use member's service

Consent for collecting personal information

The party site receives prior consent from the members of your personal information collection. Your consent is deemed to have agreed to the Personal Information Collection and utilization by clicking on the < Agree > button.

Personal Information Collection Item

The party site collects personal information below to provide seamless service delivery.
① Personal information collection items : Name, name, nationality, company name, department, telephone, mobile phone, email, etc.
② Personal information collection method : direct user registration according to the item required by the party site

Personal Information Retention and Utilization Period

The party site destroys the information without delay once it has been collected and used for personal information.
However, for the following information, the following information is retained for the duration specified below :
※ Other reasons : If the retention period is prior to the member's prior notice and the retention period has not expired, or if the holder has not passed the agreement, and has not passed the appointment, it is allowed and available.

Provide and share the use and sharing of purposes other than those intended for use.

Membership can be provided to associates affiliated with a party site to enable users to conveniently use the services associated with the party site.
- Provider : Interpark
- Reason for delivery : use information for discount when handing out tickets to the admission site
Prior to submitting information, the company shall inform the member of the contents of the membership information, the purpose of the provision, and the contents of the member information to be obtained prior to the provision of membership information.
However, in the following cases, it is possible to provide personal information without your consent in accordance with the provisions of the relevant statutes.
① If necessary to calculate the fee according to the service provision
② For statistical research or research purposes, a specific person is provided in a form that is not recognized as an identifiable person.
③ Special provisions concerning the Act on the Law of the Financial Real Name Transaction, the Act on the Utilization and Protection of Credit Information, the Telecommunications Framework Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Financial Services Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Bank of Korea Act, the Bank of Korea Act, and the Criminal Procedure Act

Access and correction of personal information ;

You may request your personal information to be revised at any time.
② If you have requested correction for a personal information error, it will not be used or provided until the correction is completed.
Additionally, if incorrect personal information is provided to third parties, the corrected contents and processing results shall be notified to the third party without delay and corrective action shall be taken.

Delete withdrawal and delete registration information

You may revoke any agreement you have agreed upon regarding the collection, utilization and delivery of your personal information.
We will contact your personal information manager at the party site for personal information, such as phone calls or e-mails, and take necessary measures such as breaking your personal information.

Procedure and methods of destruction of personal information

In principle, the party site destroys the information without delay once it has been acquired and used for the purpose of collecting personal information.
The destruction procedure and method are as follows :
① Disposal procedure
- The information you enter for your pre-regional registration shall be saved after a period of 1 year (see Retention and Use Period) for the purpose of the information protection and other related statutes.
Personal information shall not be used for other purposes except in cases where it is not provided by law.
② Method of destruction
- Personal information printed on paper is broken into a shredder or destroys the personal information stored through an electronic file, and the personal information stored in electronic file formats is deleted using a technique that can not be played.

Technical and institutional management for personal information protection

Your party site considers your personal information to be most important. Because of this, your personal information is never sold or leased.
Your personal information is also protected by access rights, passwords, and encryption.
The site is managed by IDC's security hardening zone, which prevents intrusion and hacking from external attacks through 24-hour intrusion detection and hacking.
Automatic backup services are also protected against personal data and major data corruption, and are safely operated and stored by staff.

Counseling and reporting regarding personal information infringement

If you need to report or consult a private information violation, please contact the following institution.
① Personal Information Reporting Center
- Phone : 118 without telephone exchange
- URL :
② Personal Information Management Manager and Personal Information Management Officer
- Director : Park Sang-hyuk (Marketing Marketing Corporation) / 042-142-2549
- Person : Kim Ji-won (Marketing Marketing Corporation) / / 042-142-2558

Other notices to change policy

This Privacy Policy is established on September 8, 2016, and will be notified on the website of the revised personal information protection policy prior to the change of contents, if any, revised, deleted and revised according to the change of statutes, policy or security technologies.
② Personal information protection policy final change date : 2016-09